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Author Topic: 30 healing benefits of Stapleton's Prune Health Drink from happylife  (Read 681 times)

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30 healing benefits of Stapleton's Prune Health Drink from happylife

our Prune Health Drink A drink packed with nutrition and antioxidants

Stapleton’s California Prune health drink is a refreshing, tasty and natural drink designed to quench your thirst and provide a burst of goodness every time you drink it.

Packed with life-enhancing, natural minerals, the prune is proven to have anti-aging and disease prevention properties.

100% pure

Our health drink is not made from concentrate, has no nasties, bad fats or unnecessary salts and is 100% natural. The only things that get used in its production are the bright Californian sunshine and rich, fertile soil.

We’ve added nothing, but GOD’s own ingredients.

Created to promote good health

If you suffer from high blood pressure it has an incredible thing called potassium, which does a great job of fighting off hypertension and works to reduce high blood pressure.

It’s great for women in pregnancy, for the elderly, and for anyone that may be experiencing constipation or digestion problems.

A delicious drink for everyone

In fact, it’s perfect for anyone who believes that good health is the path to a happy and long life.

So, if you care about your health and wellbeing, or just enjoy the taste of this delicious fruit, this is just what you need to make you feel fit and well.

You’ll find it available in an easy-to-store 32 ounce bottle and it tastes especially good when chilled. Make it part of your daily living.

30 healing benefits of Stapleton's Prune Health Drink from happylife
= Rich in Anti Oxidants

= For diabetics- better Glycemic index

= Improve Digestion

= Relieves Menstral pains

= Relieves Arthritic pains

= Relieves Waist pains

= Natural Laxative for babies

= Colon Cleanser

= Good for pregnant women

= Beauty: for clear skin

= Reduce skin winkles

= Cholestrol levels

= Blood Sugar control

= Promote saiety- perfect fit for healthy diets & weights

= Speeds up digestion

= Reduces stomach cramps

= Helps prevent osteoporosis

= Source of soluble fibre

= Fight cancer

= Iron Absorption

= Improves Eyesight

= Cell Damage prevention

= Healthy Tissue

= Aids digestion in preganat women

= Contains essential vitamins & nutrients for mother & baby

= Provides Energy

= For mood and emotional wellbeing

= Protective against postrate and breast cancer

= Prevents Heart disease


For more on Prune: Watch on youtube



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