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Author Topic: EXAMINATION MALPRACTICES  (Read 3142 times)


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« on: May 28, 2006, 05:08:19 AM »

One continue to wonder where nigeria's education system is going since one can easily pay  and passed examination without even sitting for the actual exam.

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« Comment or Reply #1 on: August 21, 2006, 06:03:06 PM »
Wale, let me tell you what happend to somebody I know.

The father got his son a job in a car factory in Badagry.

He was there to work and learn how to repair cars.

He failed all his exams. But was still given certificates to

say he had passed with flying colours.

Some years later, the said Son decided to pack his bags

and move to Britain. He assumed he would secure

a very good well paid job with his fake Mechanic Certificates.

The certificates were genuine, the signature was genuine,

that was not the problem.

After 5 working days, at that company, all his actions

proved that he could not perform one single task, that

his certificates said he was fully competent to do.

He got the sack immediately.

So you see, cheating and bribery gets maybe temporary

feeling of elation, but when you get found out, your

bubble gets deflated.

Nigerians need to wake up. Be strong.

Make it your own work.

We are not all going to be Doctors and Lawyers.

What ever you do just do your Best.

Let us learn to appreciate people whom we look down on.

Like the road sweeper, the dustman,  the postman.

They are human too. If it was not for them where would

we be. The new thing now in Britain, some doctors have

quit their job to become plumbers and electricians. That is

where the money is. Do we look  down at them? No!!!

My Point is every job is valid and essential.

The Big man is only a big man because he has a maid or

houseboy and a diriver to help him. No Maid, No Driver,

No Houseboy= No Big Man.

You see my point..My people just be happy o

Forget trying to Bribe to become someone you are not

It is not worth it.


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« Comment or Reply #2 on: August 23, 2006, 05:12:30 PM »
i think this examination malpractices thing is darn 2 bad cant believe hw much cheating is in 9ja well d problem is from d govt. if d govt aint corrupt, then d ones following them wont be as well, if they dnt accept the money, there'll be noone 2 give d money 2....also ignorant is one of d cause. we think fake certificates can get us anywere, all it can get us is "praises" nothing more, nothing less. wats d point of carrying around something u cannot defend, something that deep down, u r genuinely not proud of, something that belongs 2 another person, something that weneva u look at, ur guilty concience keeps on pricking u....... so my dear friends this issue is something we ought 2 no is WRONG n WORTHLESS but still some people decide 2 follow this way - ignorant is a disease as they say n d earlier u realise about a disease, d earlier u prevent it from killing u

no one reaps where he/she did not sow..............



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